Tariff Information
General Service Tariff No. 9 pdf Full Tariff Supplements
Choice Supplier Tariff No. 9-S pdf Full Tariff
Procter & Gamble Tariff No. 1 - CANCELLED pdf Full Tariff Supplements
General Service Tariff No. 8 - CANCELLED pdf Full Tariff Supplements
UGI PNG Gas Service and Gas Choice Supplier Tariffs have been converted to PDF files for online use with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please note the original tariffs, in hard copy version, have been filed with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and are deemed the official version. UGI has certified to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission that these are an accurate electronic representation of the tariffs which are officially filed at the Commission.
Every effort has been made to ensure that the online version is the same as the printed version. Users of electronic tariffs should note, however, that such tariffs are not the official documents, and users assume responsibility for reliance upon tariffs in electronic format. An official printed copy may be obtained from the Public Utility Commission for a fee (fee determined by Public Utility Commission).