Choice Supplier Registration Information
In accordance with UGI Utilities Gas - North - Gas Service Tariff 8 – Gas Choice Supplier Tariff, any State of Pennsylvania Licensed Natural Gas Supplier (NGS) seeking to deliver gas to residential and small commercial choice customers under Rate Schedules RT, NT, and CT must provide Penn Natural Gas with the following registration information:

Document List:

  • Evidence that the NGS is a PA PUC licensed supplier and able to serve UGI Utilities Gas - North
  • Completed Application to serve UGI Choice Customers with $500 non-refundable enrollment fee
  • Supplier Choice Setup Form, as well as a W-9, should be completed by suppliers doing consolidated billing.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Trading Partner Agreement
  • EDI Trading Partner Worksheet
  • Aggregation Agreement for Rate Schedules RT,NT, and CT
  • Initial security requirement of $50,000. Please see section 8 of the Choice Supplier Tariff for acceptable forms of security.
  • UGI has the right to perform a credit check of NGS with a charge of $250

EDI Testing Requirement:

  • EDI Testing Schedule
  • Sample EDI Test Plan After all other registration requirements have been fulfilled and supplier has registered for an EDI Testing cycle, the utility will send the supplier a test plan with test account numbers and test rate codes per the testing schedule above.
All requirements above must be completed prior to the NGS receiving authorization to serve customers and Customer Choice NGS access to the Customer Choice Data list. Please note that all information submitted during the application process will remain confidential.
The requested information should be forwarded to David Lahoff at:
UGI Utilities, Inc.
1 UGI Drive
Denver, PA 17517
Should you have any questions related to these registration requirements, please contact: David Lahoff @ or (610)796-3520