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How do marketers transport on UGI's system?
  1. Customers must have an executed transportation agreement with UGI.
  2. A completed Agency Authorization Notification form designating marketer as agent for the customer.
  3. A Metretek remote read unit must be installed before a marketer delivers gas for the customer.
  4. The customer is responsible for a phone line and power to the metretek remote unit.
Agency Authorization Notification form Templates:
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-see Tariff
-see Nomination Procedures
When are Nominations due? See Nomination Schedule.
Can UGI provide daily customer usages? Yes; daily usage is available in the Natural Gas Supplier secure website area through a web application.
Can a customer request to have their meter read date changed?


How does UGI require marketers to balance deliveries with usage?

UGI requires marketers to daily balance deliveries with usage within + or - 5% tolerance. Marketers are responsible for daily balancing charges outside the tolerance.

What is the current BTU value and Line Loss amount of the natural gas on UGI's system? Fuel Line Loss & BTU Factor values change December 1st of each year and are announced via an Operational Notice in early November. Review the Operational Notices for the latest values or go to the BTU Factor & Line Loss page.
Do you have a list of active Pennsylvania Licensed Gas Suppliers? Yes, the PA PUC maintains a list of active licensed suppliers on their Website.