Area of Interest Name Department Phone Number Ice Instant Messaging Handle
Gas Supply
Planning and Procurement Team
Trader Gas Supply (610)796-3460 tgaisbauer
Trader Gas Supply (610)796-3449 rkachmar
Trader Gas Supply (610)796-3492 zshirk
Scheduling Team
Scheduler Gas Supply (610)796-3504 acolaizzi
Scheduler Gas Supply (610)796-3563 jharper4
Scheduler Gas Supply (610)796-3534 mmaher1
Trading & Scheduling Gas Supply    
Deal Confirmations Gas Supply    
Gas Supply Fax #   Gas Supply (610)796-3606  
Gas Control (24hr/holidays/weekends)   Gas Control (610)736-5528
After Hours/On-Call Schedule
Choice Coordination
Primary Rates (610)796-3520  
Supply Gas Supply (610)796-3505  
Transporation Customers
Billing and Account Info Large Customer Billing 1-866-615-0571  
Contracts I&C Marketing (610)796-3512  
Major Account Representatives
North/West/Central   (570)701-5010  
Northeast/Central   (570)829-8901  
Northeast   (610)807-3110  
Central   (610)796-3439  
Southeast   (610)736-5446  
Gas Management Website
Administrator Rates (610)796-3430  
Backup Rates (610)796-3498