Welcome to the UGI Energy Management Website
UGI offers this website to natural gas and electric suppliers who serve transportation customers within UGI's service territory.

UGI Utilities, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UGI Corporation, based in Valley Forge. UGI Utilities is headquartered in Denver, PA and consists of two divisions, the gas service division and electric service division. The gas service division is comprised of three rate districts: North (formerly UGI Penn Natural Gas), Central (formerly UGI Central Penn Gas), South (formerly UGI Utilities Gas)

Each UGI division and rate district operates under rules and guidelines governed by the associated public utility / service commission-approved tariffs. To ensure the most accurate information, we've created a unique Eenergy Management Site for each UGI division and rate district.

Please click on the button below to access the Energy Management site for the appropriate division and/or rate district. For a map of our service territory, click here.
UGI Utilities Gas - South
(formerly UGI Utilities - Gas)
UGI Utilities Gas - North
(formerly UGI Penn Natural Gas)
UGI Utilities Gas - Central
(formerly UGI Central Penn Gas)
UGI Utilities Electric

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